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Summer Team Coaching – Criteria & Selection Process

Summer baseball is an important component of the Southborough Little League (SLL) program. Our program generally fields 7 - 10 summer baseball teams (11-14 players per team) comprised of players between the ages of 8-14. This represents approximately 25-35% of eligible spring ballplayers for these age groups.


Players who choose to play summer ball generally do so for one or more of four primary reasons:

  1. To play additional ball above and beyond the spring schedule
  2. To compete at a more competitive level than offered by local spring ball
  3. To experience a ‘travel’ team and compete against surrounding towns
  4. To participate with similar skill players who they may not play with in the spring


Given the importance of summer ball to many players and parents, it is critical that we select summer coaches who have the commitment, skill, knowledge, attitude towards youth sports, and leadership skills necessary to meet the expectations and needs of players and parents alike. Given the limited number of summer teams as compared to spring teams, it is important to have a coach selection process that produces coaches that meet the needs of their teams, but also recognize the overall contributions of those coaches to our program.


Summer Coach Eligibility Criteria

To ensure those who make significant contributions to SLL are given proper consideration for their efforts, the following summer head coach baseline eligibility criteria has been established:


  • Spring Head or Assistant Coach in the division for which they are applying to coach summer ball, or
  • Spring Divisional Coordinator, or
  • Significant Contributor to the overall program (as determined by the Board of Directors)

In addition, coaches will be selected based on an overall assessment of the following criteria:

  • Overall coaching experience in the SLL program
  • Prior summer ball coaching experience within SLL program
  • Knowledge of the game and leadership abilities
  • General attitude and beliefs regarding importance of youth sports in child’s development
  • Feedback (solicited or unsolicited) from players, parents, other coaches, coordinators, or league officials


Summer Coach Selection Process

  1. Interest in summer ball coaching will be solicited from league coordinators and through a broadcast message to all league participants
  2. Those interested in be considered for coaching will submit their interest through the online summer league registration process or directly to the SLL Executive Committee by June 1
  3. SLL Executive committee will hold a coach selection meeting the first week of June to review prospective coaches. Those who wish to meet directly with the SLL Executive Committee to discuss their candidacy are invited to attend, however it is not required for prospective coaches to attend this meeting
  4. SLL Executive committee will make summer coach recommendations to the SLL President by secret ballot
  5. SLL President will make final determination of summer coaches
  6. Summer coaches will be assigned to appropriate summer teams after completion of the player selection process and subsequently notified of their selection.